Corner strip is a decorative material designed for wall stainless steel tile edging corners, door corners, window corners, and stair steps; If the corner of the wall is well done, it is very good to avoid the tile collapse, falling off, or putty off the block, powder and other problems caused by bumping during use. Among them, the stainless steel corner strip has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, waterproof, rubbing resistance, wear resistance, climate change resistance, etc., and its surface is smooth as a mirror, the color is rich and diverse, and it is strong and durable.What is a stainless steel corner guard?
Stainless steel angle angle strip can be used in high-end hotels, high-end clubs, high-end office buildings, villas, building sales departments or ordinary home decoration and other places. Stainless steel yang angle line is affordable, simple to install, save time and cost, and is quite popular. At the same time, the unique metallic texture of the stainless steel yangjiao strip, which echoes the soft decoration, will also appear more grade, which can effectively improve the fashion sense of the overall space.
In addition, stainless steel corner strips are often tile trim manufacturers used on the stair corners, wrapping the edge of the stairs with stainless steel corner strips, going up and down the stairs to protect the stairs from bumping, and also protecting the occupants, reducing the possibility of their bumps and bruises; In the actual construction, the installation and operation of the stainless steel corner guard is also very simple, the corner guard is cut and fixed at the edge of the stair, and finally the cement and asphalt are punched, and the surface can be beautified.
About where to wholesale stainless steel plates, if you want to wholesale stainless steel plates, generally directly find manufacturers to wholesale on it, there may be many people who feel that they can directly wholesale on the network, wholesale on the network should be more convenient, and in terms of price is also more advantageous, but in fact, it is not recommended that you choose the network wholesale such a way, wholesale on the china tile trim network, there is no way to understand the quality of the product is how, do not know whether the quality of the product is good or not, do not know whether the quality of the product is good or not, Can not make people feel more at ease, after the network wholesale can not allow themselves to enjoy a certain after-sales service, so from many aspects to consider, it is not recommended that you choose such a way as network wholesale.