There are also obvious differences between jacuzzis and ordinary massage jacuzzis in terms of use, hydrotherapy effects, cleaning and maintenance. First of all, in terms of use, ordinary massage jacuzzis can only be used in the bathroom, if placed elsewhere, it will cause inappropriate and inappropriate situations. The Jacuzzi is used for indoor endless pool physiotherapy, relaxation and leisure, is used to enjoy life, suitable for toilets, sun rooms, basements, poolsides, villa courtyards and other leisure places, the scope of application is wider than ordinary Jacuzzi. Like the Jacuzzi, it can be applied in a variety of scenarios. Secondly, in terms of effect, although the ordinary massage Jacuzzi also has some massage functions, it is simply through the nozzle to produce water, the strength is very weak, and the orientation is not complete, and it cannot be massaged throughout the body. The spa jacuzzi has been transformed and upgraded at best whirlpool tub this point, the strength of the jacuzzi water spray is 5-10 times that of the ordinary massage jacuzzi, and has a comprehensive massage site, the flowing hot water can relax the muscles, the effect is incomparable to the ordinary massage Jacuzzi, and the Jacuzzi can also adjust the size of the massage according to the actual needs of the user. The massage jacuzzi uses multiple seats, which can be shared by many people to enjoy the spa, and each seat has multiple water outlets and massage directions, and there are more than a dozen kinds of multi-functional nozzles in different parts, and the intensity of the spray is also sufficient.

Most of the Jacuzzi pools on the market are made of outdoor endless pool acrylic panel composite materials, such as the acrylic board of the world's top SPA plate manufacturers, which is light in weight, diverse in shape, changeable in color, fashionable in appearance, and can also be selected according to their own preferences. The seats and nozzles of the Jacuzzi are uniquely designed according to ergonomics, so that the whole body can truly enjoy the fun of the spa, and enjoy a real quality of life on both the physical, mental and visual sides.

Many people buying a jacuzzi will definitely think garden jacuzzi tub of the problem of cleaning, ordinary massage jacuzzi every time it is used up to change the water, otherwise the next time you use it, the bacteria inside will invade your skin and cause you harm. The jacuzzi has a filtration and disinfection system, which can keep the water clear and the water quality can be maintained for at least one month. In terms of cleaning, the ordinary massage jacuzzi needs to be cleaned and disinfected by hand every time, which is very troublesome, and the Jacuzzi like this has a fully automatic disinfection and filtering function, which is very convenient to take care of. The exterior of the jacuzzi is made of imported acrylic material, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, has patent certification, and is safe and secure. Compared with the ordinary Jacuzzi, the design of the Jacuzzi is more user-friendly. In all aspects have been reflected, in addition to endless swim pool the powerful surf spa function, but also has intelligent thermostat system, intelligent control panel, automatic inlet and drainage and other advanced functions, while enjoying can feel the endless convenience brought by science and technology to life. Imagine coming home after a busy day, soft lights, soft music, soaking in a comfortable spa bath, washing away the fatigue... I can't help but feel that life can be so beautiful.
So overall, if conditions permit, the Jacuzzi is a good choice, and with it, you don't have to spend money and whirlpool hot tub time going to the spa every time to relax, and you can enjoy it at home.