Our company is a factory specialized in producing sewing packaging bags for 10 years
Specializing in the production of non-woven handbags, environmental protection bags, thermal insulation bags, ice bags, PVC zipper bags, PVC cosmetic bags, Oxford textile packaging bags, 190T polyester taffo environmental protection shopping bags, steel bags, bedding packaging bags.
This factory has cooperated with Shanghai enterprise Phoenix Blanket for 8 years. The bedding packaging bags of this factory are all produced by our factory.
In terms of insulation bags, insulation bags for many food companies such as Jiayifang in Hainan, Tongji in Wuhan, and Weiduomei in Beijing are also produced by our factory.
In terms of craftsmanship, the factory has a group of old employees, and the craftsmanship is delicate. Our factory has special personnel who are responsible for not allowing any errors.
Our factory's quotation is reasonable and affordable. Direct factory delivery can save a lot of intermediate costs and create greater profit margins for you.
Here, Jingjing Plastic Products Co., Ltd. wishes you a prosperous business!Quilt Bag manufacturers