The acid-base neutralization characteristics of magnesium sulfate monohydrate magnesium oxide can be applied to the restoration of ancient books and the protection of archives, the restoration work of ancient books is a complex and cumbersome process, the use of magnesium oxide needs to be carefully selected, magnesium oxide has the characteristics of acid-base neutralization, the alkalinity of magnesium oxide can absorb acidic substances in ancient books and archives, so that the acidic substances are detached, so as to achieve the role of restoration. The selection of magnesium oxide products needs to pay attention to its impurities, fineness, especially physical indicators, etc., products with high impurity content will bring secondary harm to ancient books and archives. The choice of fineness is to look at the number of meshes and the second is to look at the particle size distribution, and the more uniform the particle size distribution, the more stable the product application. The raw materials for the manufacture of Magnesium Sulphate price ancient books and archives are wood products, and with the continuation of time, the paper is easily acidified, which is easy to mildew, and this loss is irreversible, magnesium oxide is weakly alkaline in water, can neutralize acidic substances, and the particle size of magnesium oxide is very fine and easier to penetrate into the fiber, which can protect the paper.

Adsorption performance of magnesium oxide activity: Magnesium oxide is an emerging new material of inorganic salt magnesium, which is divided into heavy magnesium oxide and light magnesium oxide according to volume; According to the activity of the general iodine uptake value and citric acid value of the activity to divide the activity of the product, such as magnesium oxide activity 80, magnesium oxide activity 120; Its activity generally refers to its ability to participate in chemical processes, and the more active the product, the higher the activity value. Magnesium oxide activity can be Magnesium Sulphate producer applied to medical stoppers, frped, fluorine rubber, adhesives, ginseng decolorization and other related industries, magnesium oxide activity as its filler and compounding agent, due to the activity specific surface area is large, the activity is higher than ordinary magnesium oxide and other characteristics, magnesium oxide can provide rubber products with viscosity and bond strength, improve the transparency of finished products, and can prevent the delamination of rubber products to the greatest extent, active magnesium oxide and zinc oxide reaction, rubber products, can avoid the formation of a large amount of zinc chloride, to prevent vulcanized glue has a scorching tendency. Magnesium oxide activity has the effect of absorbing acids and can effectively prevent premature vulcanization of rubber materials, and can also effectively absorb residual solvents and accelerate the drying speed of rubber products. The active magnesium oxide acts as an acid absorbent in it, absorbing hydrogen fluoride in the glue and playing a role in increasing the stability of the glue.