Why is the price difference for magnesium oxide? Magnesium oxide is an emerging magnesium compound products, the products on the market are sold magnesium oxide product categories, such as light burning powder, 85 powder, 90 powder, heavy magnesium oxide, light magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide, nano magnesium oxide, etc., downstream industry applications of different product requirements of the purity of different, product prices vary widely. For example, the downstream industry for desulfurization and denitrification that uses about a thousand yuan of light burning powder, no need to use high-end lightweight magnesium oxide, if the downstream industry for water treatment recommends that you use high-end light magnesium oxide, because the purity and content of light magnesium oxide are much higher than that of light magnesium oxide. Experiments and research on the stability and reproducibility of magnesium oxide products consider the use of lightweight magnesium oxide, friction materials, dyes and other industries to use heavy magnesium oxide can be. The fluoroelastomer and FRP industries require active magnesium oxide. The direct difference in the price of Magnesium Oxide price lightly burned powder, 85 powder, 90 powder, heavy magnesium oxide, light magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide, nano magnesium oxide and other products lies in the raw materials and processing yield of magnesium oxide, such as lightweight magnesium oxide needs to be prepared by more high-end magnesium hydroxide calcination, and active magnesium oxide needs to accurately control the time and process of calcination process in order to produce qualified products. Processes and raw materials are direct factors affecting the price of magnesium oxide.

Why is magnesium oxide called a new material? Lightweight magnesium oxide Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer as a new type of inorganic salt magnesium new materials, magnesium oxide has a large specific surface area, strong adsorption, high activity reaction advantages, in recent years in the field of environmental protection, market research and development and application research more and more, magnesium oxide can deal with environmental water treatment, sulfur dioxide, industrial organic waste gas, dyes, pesticides, heavy metal ions and other related uses. Lightweight magnesium oxide materials due to their large specific surface area, larger than ordinary magnesium oxide products, and the product adsorption is strong, high reactivity characteristics, in the water, soil, and other environmental protection treatment field application prospects. The market price of lightweight magnesium oxide is Magnesium Oxide powder high, and the large-scale application of large-scale application in many fields is more limited. At present, the use of magnesium oxide to control the environment is the development trend, especially in high-end companies, has begun to use lightweight magnesium oxide to deal with the problem, the development and marketization of magnesium oxide is becoming more and more mature. Products with large specific surface areas, multiple defects and high activity magnesium oxide are potential stocks for the future market.