Magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide because of the characteristics of good activity, especially magnesium oxide has the characteristics of high activity, large specific surface area, can quickly adsorb various impurities in water, magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide are alkaline substances, in addition to adsorption can also neutralize the pH of water.
Magnesium oxide can treat wastewater containing chromic acid, in the wastewater containing chromic Magnesium Oxide MgO acid to add magnesium oxide can adsorb chromium ions in a short time, and this process is not affected by temperature, the treatment efficiency is stable, through repeated tests can be concluded, the treatment of chromium can also be at the same time in the wastewater in all kinds of harmful substances and solid suspended substances to get effective removal, proving that magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide have a high application value and market prospects.

Magnesium oxide was added to the magnesium oxide ceramic, which significantly improved the sintering density and thermal shock resistance of the specimen, and greatly promoted the sintering of magnesium oxide ceramic. Magnesium oxide as an caustic calcined magnesite inorganic substance, high stability, low volatility at high temperature, can activate the lattice, promote sintering, is an effective class of additives, magnesium oxide to improve the sintering performance of magnesium materials. Magnesium oxide ceramics generally use hot pressing sintering and hot isostatic pressing sintering. Hot pressing sintering facilitates full contact with the fine powder, thereby reducing the sintering temperature of magnesium oxide ceramics and shortening the sintering time.
Magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide belong to the same inorganic materials, which itself has non-toxic characteristics, water treatment agent mainly refers to the removal of harmful substances in the water chemical additives general term, at present most of the water treatment agents have speciality, need to combine water quality to better treatment, to achieve the demand for treatment. Reasonable selection of water treatment agents can better play its value.Magnesium oxide ceramics is the performance Magnesium Oxide price of dependent on magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide as an important additive, the selection of magnesium oxide ceramic products will not be too different, magnesium oxide added to the magnesium oxide ceramics, will make the sintering performance of magnesium oxide ceramics and thermal shock resistance to be more obviously improved.