The construction requirements of the dust-free clean workshop are very high, so there are many things that are needed in the design and construction process of the dust-free clean workshop, such as paying attention to fire prevention and explosion protection in addition to the requirements of the pipeline and ventilation system, whether the thickness of the wall or floor slab is sufficient, whether the material is harmful, etc. Warehousing rack assembly process:
1. Open the packaging, check whether the spare parts are enough, whether there are bumps or deformation of the spare parts, you must take photos to contact the merchant to carry out distribution.
2. If there is no problem with spare parts, you can start assembling. The lightweight storage shelves heavy duty metal racking are connected by a lock and buckle, and all storage shelves do not require a screw. 3. People first put the pole against the wall, pay attention to the difference between the left and right, and the end containing the angle steel is the lower side.
4. The next step is to install the load-bearing beams, and the order is the following and upward installations. Connect one end of the load-bearing beam to the wall pole, and then use a hand-held tractor to hold the other pole and snap the lock, and the storage shelf can be released.
5. Check the installation hole from the bottom up, and then average the score.
6. Finally install the baffle, this is relatively simple, immediately put the baffle teardrop pallet racking into the shaft of the load-bearing beam. The key is not to raise the load-bearing beam, if there is a high and low uneven should be checked immediately.

The shelves come in a variety of styles, but how to choose shelves is reasonable and reasonable. Which shelves are push back racking system more commonly used in warehouse shelves. But how to use the shelves well is what we need to consider. So today here to introduce you to some of the shelves commonly used in warehouses. What are the commonly used shelves in warehouses? Since we know more about supermarkets, we may confuse the shelves in the warehouse with the patterns in the supermarket.
Due to the particularity of the warehouse, it is possible that the shelves commonly used in the warehouse are three-dimensional shelves, pallet shelves, gravity shelves, through shelves, loft shelves, screen-mounted shelves, mobile shelves, rotary shelves and so on. These different functions industrial racking systems and different forms of shelves are mainly to meet the process of warehousing, so that the entire logistics system or production process is more efficient and convenient, so as to effectively improve production efficiency, economic benefits and so on. In addition, the shelves commonly used in warehouses include open mobile shelves and closed mobile shelves, which are simple in shape and easy to operate. The front and back of the shelf are equipped with safety divider switches, so the shelves should pay attention to the classification in the process of application, so that our shelves can be used rationally.