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  • industrial racking systems
    The construction requirements of the dust-free clean workshop are very high, so there are many things that are needed in the design and construction process of the dust-free clean workshop, such as paying attention to fire prevention and explosion protection in addition to the requirements of the pipeline and ventilation system, whether the thickness of the wall or floor slab is sufficient,...
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  • shuttle rack system
    The warehouse depends not only on the volume of the warehouse, but also on whether the storage and retrieval of goods save time and effort. One type of shelf is mounted in the 45-meter direction and the other is mounted in the 9.5-meter direction. If you need a forklift or truck, don't put a shelf between you. If the goods are stored manually, usually between 80 and 120 mm. If it is a forklift...
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  • medium duty racking
    Warehouse site selection as the first step of enterprise management warehouse directly affects the later management and maintenance, in order to maximize the value of the front market development and sales, in the initial site selection must be cautious, budget. Business Strategy. Traffic conditions. Natural conditions. Water, electricity, heating, etc. should be carefully compared.Have you...
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  • radio shuttle racking
    Heavy-duty shelves, can also be called beam shelves, or called shelf shelves, it belongs to the heavy duty cantilever racks pallet shelf category, but also is now a more common type of shelves in the domestic storage shelf system. A few common questions about heavy-duty racking:1. How much weight can a heavy shelf carry?The carrying capacity of this type of shelf is very strong, which...
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  • push back racking system
    One of the more obvious features of heavy-duty shelves is that the load-bearing capacity is push back racking system very good, and the number and size of shelves can be customized according to the different needs of customers. Heavy-duty shelves can also be called beam shelves, or called shelf shelves, which belong to the pallet shelf category, and it is also a shelf type that is...
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  • metal racking systems
    Reasonable shelf layout can help us do more with less industrial racking systems in the process of use, and sometimes save us a lot of time and energy.Layout of storage shelves1. Open layout: This is a method of arranging large spaces into deep spaces, also known as large space warehouse shelves or open warehouse shelves. The open layout is conducive to improving the relationship...
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