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  • american hot tub
    With the development of economic integration, the economic and technological competitiveness of EU countries will be greatly improved. The European sanitary ceramics jacuzzi swim spa industry is also experiencing new changes and progress. China exports a large number of sanitary ceramics, but also a large number of imports of foreign high-grade sanitary ceramic products, foreign...
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  • Whirlpool bathtub
    On the side of the bathtub switch, there will be a label for its function, at this time only need to find the hot water switch, rotate it open, you can flow hot water. Although the bathtub can bring a comfortable experience, according to the size of the bathroom, install the right size bathtub to ensure normal use. What is the correct way Whirlpool bathtub to maintain the bathtub...
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  • indoor endless pool
    There are also obvious differences between jacuzzis and ordinary massage jacuzzis in terms of use, hydrotherapy effects, cleaning and maintenance. First of all, in terms of use, ordinary massage jacuzzis can only be used in the bathroom, if placed elsewhere, it will cause inappropriate and inappropriate situations. The Jacuzzi is used for indoor endless pool physiotherapy, relaxation...
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  • jacuzzi manufacturers
    I believe that everyone should encounter a problem when outdoor whirlpool tub cleaning the bathroom, that is, there are many water stains on the glass partition of the bathroom, and these water stains are very difficult to clean. Especially on the bathroom mirror, as well as the faucet and other supplies, it is easy to appear water stains and scale, every time I look at him is very...
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  • endless pool swim spa
    The hot tub is in a humid and hot state for a long time, and it Chinese spa manufacturer will also breed a lot of bacteria, sometimes after cleaning, the surface looks clean, in fact, there are still many bacteria. It is recommended to regularly wipe the surface of the jacuzzi with boiling water, and do not use disinfectant water casually, because disinfectant water may not...
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  • outdoor hot tub
    The size of the general bathtub varies from 1.4 meters to 1.5 meters and 2 meters. Of course, the larger the size in this range, the more comfortable it is to lie down. The size is determined and the salesperson will ask about your bathing habits. Do you prefer to take a long bath or an whirlpool hot tub occasional dip? Bathtubs can generally be divided into three categories according...
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