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  • 7g Ozone Generator
    The ceramic plate of the ozone generator is 10g Ozone Generator added to a very good adhesive in it, so that it can be well reflected that it has an important impact on the entire process, and after cooling, it can have a good strength and unusual hardness, and the number of expansions produced will be very low. The different chemical composition and microstructure of the ozone...
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  • steatite c221
    The ultimate heating rate of porcelain bricks is twice the cooling rate, and the heating and cooling rate of porcelain tiles is proportional to the strength, temperature and conductivity coefficient of porcelain tiles in different shapes at different temperatures, and inversely proportional to the square and thermal expansion coefficients of elastic molds and product thicknesses. A reasonable...
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  • ceramic sandblasting nozzles
    Electric heating pipe burst pipe reasons in electric heater Electric heating pipe will have a Ozone generator ceramic plate burst pipe phenomenon during use, and the reasons for bursting pipe are mainly from the following points:a. The electric heating pipe is damp, and the insulation resistance is less than 10 megohms when it is energized, causing insulation breakdown.b. The...
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  • Ceramic Band Heater
    Ozone oxidation decomposes the enzymes necessary for the oxidation of glucose inside the bacteria, thereby destroying the cell membrane and killing it, and the excess oxygen atoms will recombine into ordinary oxygen molecules on their own, without any toxic residues, so it is called "pollution-free disinfectant". It not only has a strong killing ability ceramic welding tape for...
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  • ceramic bobbin element
    When the arc is extinguished, the mold body around the molten pool is: the upper natural cooling, the two sides of the metal cooling fast, the lower ceramic liner has a thermal insulation effect cooling slow. When ceramic liners are often welded, the mold body around the molten pool is characterized by arc heating on the top, metal on both sides, and ceramic pads on the bottom. Due to the...
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  • Ceramic ferrule for stud welding
    Ceramic circuit board in improving the overall quality of automotive sensors is very important, it itself has many advantages that traditional circuit boards can not match, mainly reflected in three aspects:1. Higher thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the traditional aluminum-based circuit board MCPCB is 1~2w/mk, the thermal conductivity of copper itself is 383.8w/mk, but the...
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